August 17th Update

Hi everyone

Just a quick update today to report a potential l delay with Leanna.

I’ve decided I’m not happy with a small pile of the images and I want to re-render them.

It’s nothing too drastic, but the images all have a minor thing wrong with them that I’m unhappy with.

Examples :

One of the waitresses are floating in this one.

It’s intentional to see the player in the reflection, but I forgot to add a bench, so they are floating.

The woman on the right is actually inside the table.

It’s mainly just things like this.

I’ll try and render them all overnight, but there’s no guarantee they’ll be done by morning.

Hopefully, Leanna will still be online tomorrow, but if it’s a bit late, or Saturday morning, you’ll know why.

34 thoughts to “August 17th Update”

  1. Well, Matris will be happy, that’s for sure.

    In a more serious note, a small delay is worth it, so you can be satisfied 100% about your product. (and it works also for me as well, because I have a game that I must finish first ^^’)

  2. Damn Chaotic.. These renders are so awesome even the bugy ones!. You should totally continue with IRay thing. Top best quality till far. As for delay, i don’t think noone will be sad just for one day. I am eagerly waiting for the release!

  3. example1-magic, example2-magic and example3-her dad fucked a table. I would leave dem myself. lol.

  4. They’re not floating in the air. They’re just really happy to be in the game! LOL!

    Looks good, Bud! Wish I had your talent. I tried to render some images but I just don’t have your ability.

    You know, you commented on an earlier post about being tired of photography segments and what not.

    If you get the bug, why not do an entirely new scenario? Like a military or police academy type game. Dunno what sort of story you could do with that but i think it’d be neat. Thought of that when I was playing the pool party game where Rachel is the cop. You could even do a mini game where you have to fuck the cop well enough to get out of a ticket or being arrested or something… and maybe not get caught by other cops or photographers or something. Just a thought. I seem to remember you seldom use other peoples ideas… but you’re more than welcome to that one! LOL

  5. As I have said before, you are a genius. I might have caught the third one. But the first two are so subtle. Damn, you are good. You and DSP3000 are artists. Hey, MrStomper, you too.

    It is truly great to have you folks contributing to this site.

  6. Take your time chaotic I’m excited to play Leanna but I would much rather play a well done game rather than a game that is good however incomplete. Is there anymore news on crystal part 3 yet?

    1. Not just yet.

      I really just want to get Leanna done before I think properly about what I’m doing next.

  7. I was hoping it’d be out by the time I got home from work, but I’m happy to wait for improvements.

  8. Awwww. I’m from Australia and it’s currently Friday evening for me (7:30pm). When can I expect this to be released around my time?

  9. Personally I wouldnt mind if the game was released with a few minor visual bugs, then later updated to how it shouls be, but it is your game afterall and really looking forward to play it!

  10. Long time lurker. You really are a perfectionist. I wouldn’t have spotted the flaws in those images unless you wouldn’t have pointed out that they’re flawed.

  11. Hey, what’s another day? As much as I am anxious to play the game, a man has to be happy with his work. Thank you Chaotic.

  12. My god, Chaotic. The images are visually stunning, but you are KILLING me over here. I gotta know, do you have any idea of when exactly the game will be released? I’m so excited!

  13. Don’t worry because the release day is one day too late. You do so lot for us and you do it volunteerly. 😀 Thx mate

  14. Please be Saturday morning. Saturday afternoons are the extent of my free time these days so to have a new game come out then will be perfect

  15. Hello Chaotic just to ask you from where are you from. I mean in what time zone you live :D. Just to know when to wait the game .

  16. I wonder how many people would’ve noticed the mistakes if you hadn’t pointed them out? I would classify all of them as minor errors that don’t detract from the scene, but good on you for fixing them 🙂

  17. i must say ..

    except the one where the player float without bench. all the others are pretty invisible for me. my eyes will more be concentrate on the girls/main characters than on the background action of random npc.

    but appreciate the perfectism 🙂

  18. Any updates on the progression of the re-rendering? Just wondering if it’ll be safe to go out for a while tonight or if I’d be missing the release…

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