October 4th Update

Nothing significant to announce since my last blog post. I’ve made a little progress with my first Epilogues volume, but nothing to get too excited about.

Hopefully I’ll be able to finish volume 1 later in the month.

In the meantime, I thought you might like to see the render of Leanna and Maddison from last time expanded into it’s own little gallery.


September 13th Update

Not a super in depth blog post today, but I did want to (I guess), ‘announce’ what I will be working on next.

Recently I toyed with the idea of doing a few small games together, starting with a Leanna follow-up. I’ve also floated the idea of doing something with the updated Maddison model.

I think I’ve finally settled on an idea that fills all the requirements, whilst also not being too much work at once for me.


Expanding on what I started with Leanna recently, I really like the idea of making an ‘Epilogues series’. That is, a series of smaller games chronicling an event sometime after the end of the main game.

Each epilogue will be it’s own game, focusing on the players ongoing relationship with one of my female characters. I also like the idea of spreading the releases out so I don’t have to deal with too much workload at once.

The plan is something like :

Volume 1

  • Leanna
  • Maddison

Volume 2

  • Rachel
  • Molly and Marianna

Volume 3

  • Betsy : Reconciliation
  • Crystal : The Wedding

So, six episodes in total, released in pairs over three volumes. Each episode will probably be about the size of ‘Leanna’s big streak’.

It seems like a solid idea. I get to finish what I started recently with Leanna, I get to use the new Maddison model, and the most popular ladies all get an appearance.

If this does end up as the last set of games I make, these epilogues seem like a good call.

August 23rd Update

New game?

I’m still throwing around ideas in my head (and some on paper), for what a new game could be.

I certainly like the idea of using new Maddison, but I’m not fully set on it.

I’ve got 2 variations on a similar idea that I like that I think could work well.

Violet has a new competition on her podcast that both you and Maddison have entered.

  • Version 1 : You must submit to Violet 4 of the most daring public nudity phots you can take this evening. Although you only need a minimum of 4, there can be 12 to ‘collect’ in total for completionists. If your photos are better than the other contestants, you win.
  • Version 2 : I’m referring to this one as ’30 minutes nude’. Violet has given you a camcorder. By midnight, you must bring her 30 minutes of footage of Maddison naked in at least 5 public places.

Both setups have their pros and cons. I feel like version 1 is maybe a little too boring compared to version 2, but there’s some logistical issues with version 2, such as why not do 26 minutes somewhere public but safe, then do a 1 minute flash everywhere else. I could add additional rules to the competition to restrict it, but I also don’t want to overcomplicate it.

Whatever I decide, I seems that I’m set on doing at least 1 game before Christmas.

Random Polls

And here’s some random polls that could help me decide on a few options.

  1. Which is hotter ; sex in front of a consensual crowd where everyone can see you, or sex where you’re hidden and not supposed to be there, but people could see you at any moment?


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2. For the next game, would you prefer controlling/playing as the woman, or playing as the male who’s ‘dating’ her (like normal)?

Decide :

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3. Since there’s a possibility this could be my final game, I thought it might be interesting to do a dating game which is a homage to my older ones, including basically the same scenarios.  ie the bikini party from Crystal Part 1, the nude painting from Maddison, the strip clubs setups etc.

Is this appealing, or should it all be new setups and locations?

Decide :

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I may add more polls later, so check back and refresh the blog later if you can.

July 30th Update

Just a quick update today to showcase my finished Genesis 3 Maddison.

Morphs and shapes have been fine tuned, textures upgraded and things like fingernails replaced.

No real progress to report on the Leanna side of things. To be honest I’ve kinda lost the momentum and right now I’m considering switching to just a Maddison game. I need to have a think about it.

July 16th Update

Today, it’s a small update on my upcoming work for the site.

A recap…

First, a quick recap of everything that’s happening as I know not everyone checks the blog super frequently.

I’m not working too much on the site right now, instead working on something else in my life. This is in preparation for what will ultimately be my retirement from these games, but we’re not there yet.

In order to have something of at least a little substance added to the site this year, I’ve decided to make a game which be a collection of ‘extra scenes’ from previous games, normally in the form of a new epilogue. The plan is for one with Leanna, one with Crystal, and one with Maddison.


Leanna is up first. Following the end of her game, the player and Leanna have an exotic island vacation together. Unknowingly, they have ended up on a beach where clothing is very much optional and everyone there doesn’t seem to mind if it gets even naughtier.

The original plan was to release the full set of 3 stories together in August, but we’ll have to see. Right now, I’m just doing what I can when I can.

June 29th Update

Bit of a random blog post today before I get back to posting new game images.

I was wondering, what are everyone’s favorite sex scenes from the games on this site?

What is it about the scene which makes it appealing to you?

Are there sex scenes which you though would be great if only something were added, and what would that something be?

Considered doing a poll, but there’s something like 200 sex scenes in the various games at this point. If there’s a consensus for a top ten I may do a poll, but until then feel free to just add a comment below.

June 4th Update

Progress is underway with my ‘epilogues’ game. Still don’t have a firm title yet, but I’m sure one will occur to me later.

I have decided to aim for three short stories, One with Leanna, one with Crystal, and one with Maddison. Each will include at least one full sex scene, and feature some sort of exhibitionism or public naughtiness.

I was considering Sukiko, but since it hasn’t been too long since her game was released, Maddison seems more appropriate. It’s very possible I may expand this game and add short stories with other characters, so she may be added later, but we’ll have to see how much free time I have.

The plan is still to probably release this in August, but a lot depends on what my schedule allows.

Leanna’s up first. I’m actually making the whole story backwards, so I’ve got the sex scene already done. Here’s a preview I put together for earlier in the story though.


May 21st update

Next game

Good news (I think)! I seem to have decided on what my next game will be for the site.

I wanted something casual that wouldn’t take too much of my time to create, but I also want it to be something that will be satisfying for people to play.

So, my idea is a ‘missing scenes’ game. Essentially, it will be a collection of mini games which showcase either a missing part of one of my other games, or a new epilogue.

The base game will be something along the lines of :

  • Leanna. A sequence from your fist vacation together as a couple following the main game.
  • Crystal. Naughty escapades around when she wins the medal at the end of her game.
  • Sukiko. Not sure yet to be honest.

Each story will include sex and exhibitionism, and will probably be fairly linear, but hopefully very satisfying.

It’s also very possible that I will add more stories to the game. with other characters I’m planning to have this finished for August, so I’ll see how much free time I have.


I’m not sure where I’m going to use her, but I also did a redraft of Debbie recently.

What do you all prefer? The new version, or the old?

May 7th Update

Just a small post today.

Public nudity!

Last year I posted some alternative images from Leanna where she seemed to have forgotten her clothes in key scenes. It seemed quite popular.

So, since Molly and Marianna was just released for free, why not do the same for that game? Enjoy!

Next game

Next week, or perhaps the week after, I’ll be discussing what I’m planning for my next game,