March 18th Update

More from dsp3000 on his upcoming game…

“This week it’s time to introduce some of the students who you will meet in part one of ‘The Academy’ series.

Maria and Holly: You will know both of these girls from their roles in the Tara games.

Laura, Amy and Lola: Maria’s friends Amy and Lola were briefly introduced at the end of Tara part three. They are also friends with new character Laura.

Isabella, Annie and Genevieve: More new characters and another distinct friendship group at the Academy. You will find out what sort of girls these three are.

Megan: A bit of a loner who does her own thing. Watch out for her sarcastic wit.

So that’s very brief introduction to nine more of the characters who will feature in the new games. There are a few more who are planned for future games too. Revealing them now though could be considered a plot spoiler.

In terms of progress on The Academy: Day One; I’ve finished just under 700 images so far and I’m in the final stages of production. There is one large scene to complete plus a couple of linking scenes too. But still on target for completion and release at the end of March.

More details next time.”

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28 thoughts to “March 18th Update”

  1. I like the premise of this new game. Sounds like it’ll be more difficult than your previous games. I hope characters like Megan and Principal Valentine are a challenge to seduce, as it makes the payoff more satisfying, especially with the way you’ve explained their roles in the game. Looking forward to it.

  2. Lola continues to be my favorite, from when you introduced her for the poll a while back. Cannot wait to interact with her.

  3. dsp, your renderings are improving more and more every time I see them. They were good to begin with, but the girls (especially their eyes) are starting to look more real. Looking forward to this one.

    1. Yeah, no flat chested, purple skinned alien fembots with two heads and three dicks in this one sorry.

      You can’t win ’em all.

    2. No one cares that you could only afford the leftover silicone pieces from Caitlyn Jenner’s surgery, “disappointed”.

  4. Thanks for your games, I love them.
    I liked Holly in Tara’s game. her way to dominate the 2 were very amazing.

      1. Would it be possible to add some fetish scenes like soft domination or when you have to do whatever a pretty mistress tell you to do?

    1. If anyone is willing to pay my mortgage, utility bills, food and subscriptions for the next six months or so then yeah, I’ll happily make this next game free for everyone.

      1. What I don’t understand is what kind of fetish these people have that post troll comments on porn site blogs before/while/after they jerk off.

  5. I was looking at the website sections and I can’t find the advent calendar for 2015. only 2014 and before.

  6. How’s the new game coming dsp? Think you’ll be running on-time or is it going to be a little longer than you were thinking. Looking forward to it

    1. Still optimistic for release next Friday April 1st.
      Just got to find the hours to get everything finished and tested.
      I’m currently working on scene 12 of 15. This is the biggest and most complicated scene in the game. I’m about 90 images into this scene with plenty more to to.
      Scenes 13, 14 and 15 will be quick and easy in comparison.
      Another 12 hour day tomorrow should get things closer to completion.
      The game will be a bit bigger than originally planned.
      It is looking good though.

        1. You said “by the end of March.” 😛


          I figured with the 1st being a Friday that would be the date all along. Thanks for the update, and good luck to you finishing it. As with anything, don’t rush if it means cutting corners and putting out a product that may not meet your standards. I’m sure we can all survive some extra time if you need more to finish it the right way.

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