August 18th Update

Thank you to everyone who joined in the discussion last week.

It looks like I’ve settle on a game concept that everyone can get behind and isn’t too difficult or time consuming to do.

None of the options last week seemed to really captive everyone, so how about this…

Spring break!

Remember the party from Leanna’s game? The one hosted by Debbie. Well, how about we revisit it?

You’d play as a different character to the one in Leanna, but you can still see her (and maybe the other player character from behind). Instead, you would be a guest, a friend of Debbie’s, with free reign to explore the garden party and mansion as you like and see what happens, including several options for sex with different people.

I can see it taking a similar format to my old ‘Office Party’ game. You keep track of the time and see what you can make happen by the time the party finishes at 3am.

Advantages :

  • I wanted a game where I could create a few new characters. This works! I can have lots of fun creating new party guests.
  • I don’t have to create lots of new sets. I’ll need new scenes for the Mansion interior, but I still have all of the exterior stuff saved.
  • It would be a good size. Not too big, but too small. A solid 400-700 image game.
  • Sex with Debbie. I know she has her fans, and I’ve never included the option of b/g sex with her. This game can change that.

I also like the fact that it gives me some opportunities to experiment. I’ll have some polls over the coming weeks to gauge any enthusiasm. Maybe do a it in third person this time? I’ll think about the options.

To re-emphasize the tone from last week’s post, there’s still no guarantee that I’ll be working on this game soon. But, if I do have the time to work on one, I know what I’ll be doing.

19 thoughts to “August 18th Update”

  1. I can get behind this if there’s a chance you can hook up with Leanna during the party 😉

    1. Sadly, no chance of that.

      This is supposed to be when her romance with the player in her own game is starting to grow. I feel it might ruin the tone of that game if we find out she had sex with someone else at Debbie’s party.

      1. Not “might”, it will actually ruin the whole premise of the Leanna game. The pool scene is pivotal in her relationship with the player (their first ever kiss).

  2. I love the idea of having some action with Debbie at last! I would also add Ashley from the Leanna Game to this party if it’s possible. I remember reading in an old post that You wanted to give her some spotlight in the future, and this would be a great opportunity. Having her as a guest, interacting with her and Yes, sex with Ashley would be Awesome. Hope You can take this into account if You end up doing the game!

  3. I know it’s hard to, but I would really love if you were able to fuck her “friends” from the gym, the ones you play basketball with.

    1. she is the lead singer in the band ,i think you ment that Lisette should join the band as back up singer . that is a good idea since she knows most of them(having a threesome with Daisy in her own game and a foursome with Daisy and Tammy in Photographer 2) .

      1. looked at a picture of Daisy’s band now . and discovered that the band are missing a bass player .
        the lineup are as follow : Daisy (vocals) , Tammy (lead guitar) & unknown girl (drums)

  4. Pleaaaassssee keep making these games or keep them up! Why? because I have been playing them for years. They take my mind off a lot and not every scenario focuses just on sex lol You games are a stress reliever with a story line that ties us up!

  5. I see I’m a little late to the party. But I think you are missing out by not going with the sexual purge/violet for mayor scenario you had imagined. I know you don’t like taking suggestions from others but imagine this: Violet ran for mayor on the platform “nothing to hide” due to all the corruption in the city. It turns out that she was Marianna’s assassination target and the resolution of the plot from Molly and Marianna pushed Violet over the top as most popular choice. Violet’s first act as mayor is the “sexual purge” as you called it and as mayor/fulfilling her campaign promise of nothing to hide she strips at the news conference similar to how Debbie did in the first Leanna game and April would strip as well in solidarity as Violet’s “first Lady”. (Violet could also strip her as well). Cut to Leanna who is reporting on this live from studio and who has now embraced her inner exhibitionist (facade fully broken) strips as well. From there the game begins: your character is a participant/observer in “the purge” and you could make some brand new character models for them to interact with. Additionally as a call back to old games, you could have the MC pass by/ witness some of the more exhibitionist options of characters from older games: i.e. crystal at the bar, kelly in the park, madison outside her apartment, jennifer running to the bus, leanna’s streak, rachel streaking home from the bathroom in madison’s game, the opportunities abound. And for those who were complaining that the game isn’t realistic enough, you could just have Violet wake up from a dream at the end and have an interaction with her and April like this: “I’m going for a run” A: But you’re not wearing any clothes! V: I know! Care to join me?!
    Ultimately I would see this game as an ode to all your previous games: thus all of the cameo opportunities but with new options so you could integrate new character models like you said you wanted to do. (A passing of the torch from old to new if you will). Ultimately what ever you put out I’ll likely enjoy, I just think that a “spring break” game is just a rehash of “pool party” which you’ve already done and I was under the impression that you wanted to do something new.

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