August 10th Update

Hi again everyone! Yep, it’s time for another blog post already. And it’s a long one.

I’d normally leave this until Friday, but since there’s a certain level of urgency, I decided I would go ahead today. 

For those of you who don’t regularly check my blog, I’ve been taking a step back this year to work on anther project. But…It’s looking like I might have a break coming up. Which means I might have about 6-8 weeks to work on a new game.

No commitment to it yet, it might not happen, but if it does I want to know what I’m making.

So what do I choose?

First thing I’ve already decided is I want there to be new characters.

My last 3 games have all had the emphasis on already existing characters. Crystal and Erica already existed, most of the cast of Photographer 3 already existed. Molly and Marianna may have been new characters to you, but I’d had both waiting in my runtime for over a year before I started rendering them. Molly was one of the first Genesis 3 characters I created.

Idea 1

A little while ago, Arianeb made her Ariane in paradise game, which was largely inspired by my Miranda game. I was thinking it might be fun to do something inspired by her ‘Something’s in the air’ game. A game where you’re allowed to go explore the city and see who you can meet and what happens.

I also have a basic premise of Violet becoming Mayor (’cause why not?), and her first act is to allow one day of the year where all nudity and indecency laws don’t count. As long as it’s consensual, you can do anything anywhere.

Basically The Purge, but with sex.

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Idea 2

Road trip! You and three ladies take part in a road trip across the US.

More linear than idea 1, but what I like is that you could get to know the women well as the game progresses. Idea 1 may end up a little superficial when it comes to the relationships.

This idea would also allow for lots of ‘naked in nature’ scenarios, which I like. Naked car rides, sex in the woods, desert, by the road. Things like that.

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Idea 3

A date? Seriously.

Crystal Part 3 is the only real ‘date game’ I’ve made made in the past 5 years. There’s something appealing about doing something more reminiscent of my original Crystal game.

You have a date, you explore the whole city together, and you see how many sexy scenarios you can find.

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Idea 4

I’ve had a notepad file on my computer for a while now filled with ideas for a horror premise.

You awake to find yourself on an island with 2 or 3 ladies. There’s monsters, demons worshiping priestesses and the basic premise is that you have to escape.  Nobody wears many clothes and the whole thing goes a bit Lovecraftian.

Kinda similar to my April & Violet game, but more serious. 

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And over to you…

So, yes, all of those options have polls, but as a disclaimer, they’re just to gauge the rough popularity of each option. I may not go with any of them.

I am also (though I may regret this), open to any of your own suggestions. I’m after a premise that could branch out into lots of interesting options and locations. So, no ‘how about a nurses game’ or something generic like that.

Next free game

Also, I know this is a weird thing to just add to the end here, but I just wanted to say that I know it’s been awhile since the last free game and I will be addressing this sometime this month.

30 thoughts to “August 10th Update”

  1. Seems like you have got lots of interesting ideas and would love to see all of them come to fruition at some point. If you want ideas from members, i would suggest a time traveling game, where you can meet people from different eras, kind of like assassins creed if you will. They could be based on new characters or existing ones. I dont know how difficult that will be to render though.

  2. Well, the only thing that I’m willing to push hard for, isn’t a quick game done in 6-8 weeks. Basically, I want a conclusion (a real one) to the Betsy trilogy.

    However, since this gonna be a quick one, why not experiment a little? The horror one might be interesting, but if it goes the “monster rape” route, I’ll pass…

    1. Yeah, this won’t be the conclusion to the Betsy trilogy.

      I have a massive pile of notes for that one and there’s no way it’s going to be less than 1000 images.

  3. How about a proper sequel to Leanne, but this time Leanne’s relationship has ended OR (like in Miranda) perhaps her relationship is on the verge of ending. Either way, she could be looking for a new partner or trying to save her relationship. However, to add to the story-line, Leanne is facing competition from another rival news host who hopes to get her job. So this game can be based around the premise of you(the player) and Leanne venturing through the city to both rekindle your relationship and to help her remain at her job. OR if you choose the option for Leanne to have a new partner, for both of you to get comfortable together and to again help her keep her job. You are venturing through the city to look for help as well as ideas so that she keeps her job. The game’s finale can be set at a party in which celebrities and business moguls meet at the New station’s annual Summer party at the office complex at which (if you fail to help Leanne keep her job). The Finale’s ending can be based around the options you chose to get rid of the rival television host. The ending sex scene can be comprised of various options like in the last Leanne game but with a twist. Another thing I had thought of, is that perhaps Debby can be key character with her father being the owner of a marketing company(who could be included for a much better ending option for the player). As well as Kristen being another key character acting once again as a personal assistant. Mariana could be included as a assassin who could either betrayal Leanne or successfully help Leanne (potentially for a much darker/severe option available to the player). Other characters could be featured for cameos as well.

    Hope you like this idea, it is clear that a majority of the player base enjoyed the first Leanne game so why not add to it.

  4. I ranked them :
    B – I’ll be honest, Violet just isn’t my favorite, but the idea otherwise is fun
    A – Kinda like this, especially if there are different scenarios depending on which girl you get
    B – I’d be good with a classic
    C – Yeah, I don’t do horror, so….

      1. Violet does not fit as mayor , she is a lovely crazy girl and i do not see her sticking with it (finding the job boring) but a game with her and April(without the supernatural) would be interesting .

        maybe they are invited to join Betsy and her family on vacation to the island of Miranda , Zoe , Faye & Emma . again the player will take the role of Betsy’s girlfriend .

        1. it could lead to several threesome opportunities during day and a orgy (like in POOL PARTY)in the evening if all the girls are on high level .

          1. I actually think that part of the idea is good, despite Violet not being my favorite. There are stories in various media like that, someone running as a joke and getting elected.

  5. Weird idea: kinda like a Violet-verse-variant. Either she tells tales of an MMORPG with sexy results ora D&D game/LARP with sexy results. Could be her fantasy or a weird scenario where you get trapped in that world. I guess another fantasy setting might be fun.

  6. You should do a MILF game like you are staying at a friends house or seduce a college teacher or something along those lines. There’s a reason these are popular and I think they’d go over well. Anyways just a though.

  7. A Lake house scenario is usually Fun. A friend invites you to vacation at her Lake house with her and 2 other guests. Room for several natural settings possible skinny dipping. Could even go full nudist retreat. Or even you find and read someones sexy diary and do a few fantasy scenario’s.

  8. I’m just going to throw this out there, even though I’m pretty sure it’s not what you’re looking for:

    I would LOVE to see you “remaster” some of your really old games with improved renders.

  9. I know that this is a far far far long shot, but I would love a photographer type of game done Iray. Maddison, Molly, Leanna, Marianna, Ashley (haven’t forgotten about her) would be amazing in a game like that. I know it would take a lot of time and the photographer idea is tedious by now, but if in the future there could be something like this would be really awesome. If not, something in Iray with Maddison is everything I love. Just this guy’s opinion, sorry if it’s stupid or something!

  10. Not loving any of these ideas really. The first one is probably my favourite if I have to choose.

    I’d love to see a milf dating simulator with Cassandra etc. My idea was that Maddison is a new mom and turns to her for advice. Could call it Maddison: In the Land of the MILFs.

  11. So I like the first idea best out of all them. Idea on how Violet become Mayor. Violet took over for the previous mayor because they were brought up on corruption charges. Violet became so popular she got re-elected, and made the city recognize National nude day among other things.

    1. no , it is far better that she run for Mayor as a prank , people realize that it is a prank and vote for her because of this not thinking that she will actually win .

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