August 7th Update

Just a brief post today.

MrStomper has provided a new version of Anna 2. It includes minor fixes, plus a new save system. There’s also just a patch to the new version if that’s all you need. If you’re playing online, make sure you refresh the Anna 2 game page to be using the new version.

EscapeEvade has also provided a full walkthrough (many thanks again). You can find it in the help section of the members area.

Finally, I’ll just leave you with this random image of Maddison I rendered this week.

See you next time!

6 thoughts to “August 7th Update”

  1. Damm, I’m in love with this version of Maddison. I love every render of her that You upload (I think it was Iray?). I hope to see this maddison in some game in the future.

  2. Giving me hope of another Maddison game there.
    She’s looking better than ever.

  3. I’ll have to give v1.5 a go tomorrow to see if it changes any of what I *thought* were the right choices, particularly when I was struggling with figuring out the correct path in the Third/Fourth Ship sequences. Before I started making the guide, I got the BJ from Anna, but… naturally… when I was trying to do the guide, I couldn’t recreate that scenario for the life of me.

    1. Okay. Went through v1.5 today. Got the Anna BJ ending even in a manner I thought wasn’t quite possible last week; I think, though, that it may be that the way I was writing the guide (not continually starting over from scratch with the game) may have thrown off the Check for that scene, so doing a straight playthrough ended up working.

      Whatever the case, following my guide should definitely end up with the Anna BJ ending because I followed it pretty much exactly (there was one small section missing, and I think I might’ve made the wrong selection as I was rushing through) and got that.

  4. I would love another Maddison game, Even a small one. Maybe something like Leanna’s Big streak but with Maddison of course.

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