October 31st – Happy Halloween!

So, every year I have a plan to do some special Halloween themed pics….but it never happens.

I get caught up in something else, I’m busy, I’m working,- there’s always something.

Not this year though! I finally did it. For your enjoyment, here’s a series of spooky, scary and sexy images featuring some of my characters.


Couldn’t really think of a good spooky poll, but here’s one with monsters (it’s close enough).

Monster porn – a category of erotic cgi usually involving some sort of monster, frequently with very large genitals having sex with a human female.

Does this do anything for you?

It’s not my normal thing, but I’ll confess that I’m sometimes in the mood for it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Rate Marianna

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Enjoy your Halloween!

EDIT : Just for everyone who seems to be focusing on the poll – It’s not something I’m truly considering for the site. I just thought it would be a fun Halloween connected question to have. The main thing to take away from this post is the sexy images higher up. ๐Ÿ™‚

18 thoughts to “October 31st – Happy Halloween!”

  1. You work on something like zombie apocalypse i bet everyone one is going to love that. Go to 8muses.com and read a comic book the fucking dead, i swear you are gonna love it

  2. As one of the hard “No” votes, I want to clarify that some form of fantasy porn could be awesome – I’m thinking of fantasy creatures such as elves, fairies or tastefully looking aliens (maybe even like those freaky ones with lots of appendages and extending parts from the Species movies), but the “monster porn” as described and illustrated … I’d have to say that to me it looks like violence and nothing like sex and I can’t find it appealing at all.

  3. I voted ‘sometimes’ but only very specific types do it for me – I think something like a vampire girl could be hot, for instance; they pretty much look human except for the fangs/eyes. I’m not into any zombie-esque or fully monster-looking types.

    (Off-topic: I’m not sure if this has been mentioned before, but Jennifer’s game seems to be unplayable on both Chrome and Firefox. The video images don’t work and the screen’s just blank)

      1. I just tested it out after reading this comment and I seem to also be having an issue. Online works fine for me but offline the video parts are just a white screen. Tried Chrome and Edge myself. The game returns to normal when the video parts are done but every time it switches to an action scene it white screens until over. Not sure if original poster is having a problem with online or offline. I’ll try redownloading the game to see if it fixes my issue.

        1. There were issues with this reported a while ago that were fixed.

          If you haven’t downloaded the newer one, doing so could solve your problem.

  4. I generally would love if your male model could feature bigger cock. I love giant cock, the bigger the better, but Iยดm not a fan of monster sex.

    If you wanna try a new theme, why not do something like male orgasm denial similar to classic erotic stories like Amy the Nurse’s Aide?

  5. Thanks for the awesome pics, Chaotic! All of them are great but DAMN Kristen is smoking hot. She is definitely one of my favorites. I didn’t think I’d find another character as hot as Violet but I was wrong. I hope to see more of her sometime in the future, she is perfect!

    Just my opinion on the poll, fantasy is great. Would love to see something along those lines if you were ever inclined but I was a hard no on monster porn. Doesn’t matter how hot the girl is. The giant monster dicks are just a complete turnoff for me.

  6. I played every one of your games a few times but I dont want to play the same thing anymore :p. Are there any other webstes that makes games like you? (Except sex and glory and mortzeart)

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