September 29th Update

While I progress with the expanded content for Leanna, I’m still finding myself trying to decide what to do next.

In my last blog post, Kenta asked if there was still a possibility of a new pool party game. I’m not too sure if this is what he had in mind, but it did start me thinking.

There’s a number of secondary characters in Leanna which people have expressed an interest in seeing again, but in a much more intimate way. Debbie, hostess of the pool party. Leanna’s ‘friends’ from the yoga and basketball scenarios, Henrietta and Lysander. There was also the bunny girl waitress from Mr Hughes party, Ashley.

On the positive side, I don’t have to create any new characters, I can reuse a lot of the sets from Leanna, most notably Debbie’s pool. That would save much more time and effort.

On the negative side, I can’t see this being a game with a strong narrative. It’s yet another game where every sexable character is white. I’m also not really into any of the characters that much, except maybe Ashley.

Last week I listed a number of other possible games I could start working on next. They were :

  • Betsy squeal
  • Crystal part 3, either in IRAY or Poser.
  • A ‘girl group’ game
  • The ‘Nascar’ game
  • A superhero-centric game

Do you prefer the Pool Party idea, or one of the other ones?

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

EDIT : Random bonus image – Lissette rendered in IRAY with new shaders applied.

20 thoughts to “September 29th Update”

  1. I would love to hear updates from DSP every now and then, his games are what brought me to this site and they are what keep me coming back. I really hope there was not a falling out between him and Chaotic.

    1. Dsp has a busy life does this as a fairly indepth hobby i think no falling out theres just always a few months of quite between academy games tbh and there getting bigger each time too

    2. Remember, Academy part 5 is likely going to be a massive game if he wants to tie up most of the loose threads and provide several alternate endings. He also told us he wasn’t going to start production until August, so he probably hasn’t gotten super far through the game yet and doesn’t want to string us along for two solid months. If we are looking at a November release, we won’t hear from him for another few weeks at minimum.

    3. I think DSP is still “recharging his batteries”… hopefully he’ll hit the ground running once he gets back into the Academy’s finale 🙂

    4. Hello everybody. Contrary to some rumors I am alive and well. I have been super busy in real life though.
      I shall however be sending some stuff over to Chaotic this week.

      Expect an update accordingly.

      BTW: I know it’s a typo, but I am intrigued by the idea of a ‘Betsy sqeal’ game.

  2. I’m still hoping for a superhero game, because it would be like nothing else DSP has done before. That and I have a thing for slutty superheroines, especially if the protagonist is a regular Joe.

    That said, that new picture of Lissette just reminds me of how badly I want more of her & Maddison doing the nasty…. can’t beat redheads.

    I’d also say that while I have no problem with games where all the characters are white, I’ve no problem with mixing it up either. If you’re making what you want to, rather than what other people want, it can only be a better game.

  3. I found the bartender in the pool party hotter than Debbie and Leanna’s friends.

    Lisette is looking incredibly hot, IRAY is really incredible. I can’t wait to see Crystal with IRAY, as well as your other girls such as Maddison, the Bynes ladies or Nelena. Your other ideas seem a lot better than the pool party at this point. Unless you plan to make it a short mini game, I’d say continue as planned.

  4. I’m all in for a “girl-group” type game… so many possibilities there. You could setup a thematic conflict between pursuing genuine artistry vs. a manufactured band built primarily on image and marketing, which could give the story a lot of substance, with lots of room for corruption.

  5. I voted for one of the other ideas, as I did last week. I think you’ve got a lot of great ideas. Just a matter of finding the right one.

    BTW, the Lissette image is awesome, as is the Lara Croft image you did.

  6. I absolutely love the new Lissette in IRAY, as pretty much everyone else does. I feel as though Lissette and perhaps a return of Maddison would be a great idea, maybe in the ‘Girl Group’ game.

    Good Luck!

  7. Lisette rendered in IRAY looks awesome, can’t wait to see Maddison as well. Too bad a game with the two ginger sisters isn’t in your plans. If you don’t want to, maybe a short extra with those two, like the Betsy’s dream?

    Anyway, good job as always, for the options I’ll go for the Pool party for now =). Keep up the good work

  8. I would love a new pool party game but not necessarly with Leanna’s secndary characters. I agree for Debbie and Ashley (but more for Debbie’s bartender) but I really don’t like Henrietta and Lysander. You have so many characters who could be perfect in a pool party that you don’t have to limit to “Leanna’s universe”

  9. I rather see a new bonus scenes with that secondary characters in Leana instead of making a new game and adding them into the new one.
    I mean just think about a 4some with that 2 redheads and Leana?

  10. I’d love the Betsy sequel game first. Betsy is by far my favorite girl yet. By the way, did you mean sequel or squeal?

  11. Definitely in favor of one of the other options. Seeing a pool party game at some point would be nice, but I also don’t really like any of those four except Ashley.
    Speaking of appealing ladies, that Lissette image looks great! It also makes me look forward to seeing Maddison in iray.

  12. even if I have no problem with games where all the characters are white I do miss Naria and Josie(last seen in the Zoe-game)

  13. A Betsy sequel with her still being the nerdy shy girl which needs to be pushed to get crazy would be great. maybe some plot like her having a job now and being all conservative again, finding the picture of her wilder days or so.

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