May 24th Update

I am very pleased to announce that Molly and Marianna is now available in the members section.

Just a reminder,- this version does not have the option of a female player character. There will be an expanded version of this released in the coming months which adds it, and expands some existing scenes.

I’d also like to add a quick note about the epilogue threesome in the game. It didn’t end up as long as I originally intended. This is due to how long it takes each image in the location to render.

It’s still decent (3 animations are included for the scene), but if you really specifically wanted to play this for the threesome, you might want to wait for the expanded version to be released in a few months time where I will be adding more images and probably re-rendering the animations.

That’s all for now. I hope you all enjoy the game! I had lots of fun making it.

May 17th Update

Good news everyone!

Progress with Molly and Marianna over this past week has been great, so I’m very happy to announce that the game will be released next Friday (the 24th).

The only images left to render are those for the threesome, and there’s only a couple of sequences to finish writing. All that, plus bug checking should be pretty easy to do in a week.

Here’s the final batch of teasing images for you all.

May 10th update

OK, it’s crunch time…

Molly and Marianna has taken me a bit longer than intended. The rough plan for this site is always to do a new game approximately every 6 months. It’s been a little over that now since the Photographer Part 3 (though I only released the expansion just before Christmas).

I really want to get this released before too much more time passes, so I think I’m going to do what I did with Leanna. I’ll release Molly and Marianna, but only with the male player character option for now. A few months after that, I’ll release an expanded version of the game with the female PC option and some expanded scenes. People seemed happy enough when I did that with Leanna, so hopefully it’ll be fine here too.

No idea how to quantify where I’m up to with the games progress as a percentage. I’m finishing the second sex scene today. That leaves only the epilogue threesome and a couple of other sequences left to render + writing. Hopefully, that only means 2-3 weeks until release.

Preview images this week are  mainly from one of my favorite scenes in the game. I won’t give any context, but you can probably guess what happens.


April 26th Update

Molly and Marianna

Not too much to say right now. I’m progressing with the game, and it’s going fairly well.

Here’s another batch of sample images.


No news yet. When I hear something, I’ll let you know!


Some sader news to finish with.

Tlaero, co-creator of games on this such as Redemption for Jessika and Finding Miranda, has announced that she is retiring from making erotic games, citing personal reasons.

Mortze has already found a new writing partner, so the likes of darkness falls will still be completed, but she will still be missed.

All the best to her and the new stage of her life.

April 12th Update

One final post on MrStomper’s Sci-fi Story.

Here’s a list of tips from the man himself. Hopefully, this will help you out for those of you trying to reach every scene.

The guide – in the wild, just let her do her thing

– The guard – Chamber – find out she has one in the hallway scene
– now you should be able to talk you way there from the dungeon and baths
– Enjoy!
– Baths – do not raise an alarm and go straight to the Lady
– in the hallway, request to get more presentable and don’t let the guard persuade you otherwise! (Or you will learn about her chamber…)
– once there, just wash yourself and wait for the guard to lecture you
– Enjoy! (No sex, but you can talk your way into her chamber afterwards)

– The maid – Dungeon – do not raise the alarm
– do not go straight to the Lady
– do not fuck the guide
– the guard will take you in the dungeons
– Follow the instruction
– Enjoy! (Or refuse and talk your way into the guard’s chamber)

– Threesome – in the baths, pry some information from the guard and become acquainted
– use this information in the dinning room to convince her to stay
– Enjoy!

– The Lady – build up your immunity the quicker way

– Orgy – build you immunity to the Lady’s charms and learn about the fairy in her room
– do not raise an alarm
– get in the dungeon
– get out of the dungeon into the Guard’s chamber
– (you can skip the sex scene and get some rest instead)
– since the Maid is in the dungeon, the Lady will have to go for you herself (taking the fairy as a bodyguard with her)
– point out the weird sound to the guard
– once released from the dungeon, do not get in the sewers
– do not refuse to participate
– Enjoy!

– Alarm – Play a prank on the guard and she will not set it off

– BROTIP – Take a view from the windows in hallway scene

– Extra – Ask the Doc as much as you can

Next, week it’ll be back to me (Chaotic) and some updates on Molly and Marianna’s progress.

April 5th UpdateSci Fi Story

Sci-fi Story has now been released and can be played in the members section right now.

Some final words from MrStomper on his new game…

And now some boring statistics: VDG: Sci-Fi Story has slightly over 1 050 pictures and 104 animations, with 55 sex related. Using DSP’s counting method, all together the picture count is slightly over 4600. After the testing I find out it’s best not to use Internet Explorer or Edge to get all the functions to operate properly and  as intended.

Like when you end a session it should remember where you were and the next time start from the same spot.

And one last thing I forgot to mention last time. Keep an eye this eye icon

It allows you to switch view during certain scenes that were just especially suitable for another point of view.

Go play it! I hope to see you all soon. Until next time, have fun!

March 29th Update

More from MrStomper on his upcoming game…

This week, less talking, more showing! Here are the story-unrelated pictures where you can have a better look at the female cast:

But there will be some talking, don’t you worry, because last week I mentioned that this is going to be a bit different. And it is. Nothing radical, just no lust or influence checks. Nothing like this. Balancing these stats is annoying AF. And also you might have noticed from Anna that the stats and traits counter was put in on short notice. But I really liked the idea of discovering traits that open up new possibilities in the story. So, this time around, you will be gaining knowledge of the place and people. Knowledge will be saved in an “inventory” and will open up new possibilities, like new conversation options, entire scenes or shortcuts. And because there is a fair amount of them and it easy to forget what does what, you will always know if there is an option locked behind a knowledge you haven’t acquired yet or what knowledge opened a particular option.

For this same reason it might be problematic to create a walkthrough. Depending on what you do and the order in which you gain the knowledge each playthrough can be a little different. But as you gain more and more knowledge, the story should converge to its ending. So, I will rather encourage you to discuss it than write a walkthrough for it. Here you have some actual pictures you can encounter to give you a topic on which you can train your discussion related skills until next week:

Because next week I will tell you about some technicalities and VDG: Sci-Fi Story will be released!

March 22nd Update

Today, MrStomper returns with some details on his upcoming game…

Hello again. It is I, MrStomper, and I have some wonderful news to share with you today. My next project is almost done! Only the bughunt and polish remain. So I can finally reveal to you that…

I cannot reveal much. You see, I have decided to do something a bit different. Something not exactly straightforward, something with an important element of “unfamiliarity”. And when you are thrown in a place you know nothing about and must learn about it’s environment and inhabitants, saying anything about the environment or the inhabitants will spoil it. So instead of telling you much about those, so you can enjoy the unraveling properly, I will tell you about the inspiration behind it. And here we go:

You may not be familiar with the original Star Trek, but it had a fun element of the captain visiting different planets and teaching local woman a custom from Earth: kissing. And this premise is behind the idea for the story at hand. It is just little shifted towards the spirit of VDG as you will be showing hot alien women the human custom of hard fucking.

I guess that now many of you are now telling yourself: “That sounds stupid!” And you are right. But just bare with me and let me explain myself.

As I said earlier, I wanted this to be a little different, so I was looking for a way how to bypass the usual story build-up for a sex scene (which may even take up several games), so the entire story has not only more, but also more evenly distributed sexytime. And after a long time of thinking I finally come to the perfect solution as I said to myself: “Well, fuck it! Let’s go batshit crazy!” And there is no better time and place for this than the FUTURE! And soon after the premise for the story occurred to me and jump-started
this whole thing. Sci-fi is a lazy excuse, but it allowed this story to be exactly what I wanted it to be: crazy, full of sex and hot women and with a just a dash of mystery.

Also, I understand the nature of the game and that not everybody is here for the story. Don’t worry, it is more an underlying thing holding it altogether, so if you are not interested you don’t really have to pay attention to it.

Some preview images will not be from any situation you might encounter. It is just a showcase of the girls you are going to meet in situations not present in the story, nor being in any relation with it.
And here is the first one:

It was a lot of fun (and pain…) putting this together, but the VDG: Sci-Fi Story is now waiting just around the corner.

Next week, in this same fashion, there will be more preview pictures that will provide a better look at the female cast and I will tell you more about the gameplay mechanics.
(And hopefully a certain release date)

Until then, have a great week!