September 13th Update

Time for a quick update on Crystal this week.

I finally have a fairly comprehensive plan for the game that I’m happy with. This means I’m deep into the next stage which is creating and setting up the various outfits and locations.

This will be Crystals main outfit.

As you can see, it’s a bit of a twist on the original, but also distinctly different.

Right now, I’m currently focusing on locations.

Here are some test renders of your hotel suite, and the hotels’s pool.

That’s all for today. Might add a poll here if I think of something.

September 6th Update

This week, an update from dsp3000…

So it’s about time I broke my radio silence after a few months on the dark side of the moon.

The nature of my ‘real job’ means that between April and September I don’t have much free time to commit to game production.

It’s been a frustratingly slow process with far too many distractions and interruptions for any sort of efficient work flow.

There have been a few occasions when I’ve considered deleting everything and disappearing completely.

Thankfully I’m pretty experienced when it comes to talking myself back from the brink and don’t really want to trash a project I’ve been working on for the last four years.

As a safety mechanism I close down communication channels to avoid as many distractions as possible.

Phone switched off, no checking emails and I haven’t even visited the Vdategames blog for several weeks. Apologies to anyone with unanswered questions in or about my absence.

I think the last thing I posted on the blog was that stage four of ‘A Date with Bridgette’ was about 90% complete.

While completing the final ten percent may not seem like much, when the whole game exceeds 12000 images, it’s actually still quite a lot.

Stage four will add about another 4400 images to those from stages one to three.

Technically the game is exponentially complex, with so many variables it’s easy to get lost while making it. But I keep exhaustive notes to keep a track on my ideas and how they are implemented. Continually having to break off and come back later doesn’t help but I’m getting through it.

I have finished the main body of images and files for stage four and I’m now in the painstaking process of game testing. I want to make sure all the holes are filled in this game.

Once I’ve done my first series of checks and tests, it’ll be sent off for some independent testing to iron out any errors and anomalies.

I am hoping to get the game ready for release by the end of September.

Thank you for your patience.


August 24th Update

Saturday post!!!

No update from dsp3000 just yet, but I’m sure it’s not too far away.

In the meantime, I’d just like to charge in and add what I think are probably my final set of Crystal drafts. 

I almost have a complete plan of what I want to do in the game, and I think you’ll all like it. It’s kinda a hybrid of the multi -linear style, but with heavy injections from the ‘very open’ style.


So, I generally keep things focused on the games here, but how would you feel if I occasionally made some posts about other things? Such as :

  • The state of based erotic games in general.
  • Maybe some mentions of pornstars?
  • Random social commentary.
  • Music recommendations.
  • Occasional gentle politics, without being ‘in your face’ about those who don’t perfectly align with my views. #yanggang?

And, yeah, this is intended as a fairly playful poll. 🙂

But with potentially dire consequences!!! Mwahhaha!!!

Should I just stick to the regular stuff?

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August 19th Update

Just a simple ‘proof of life post’ today.

Obviously, I’m not doing this as I usually would on a Friday. The main reason why is that I was contacted by dsp3000 on Friday and wanted to try and figure out what (and when) we’re both doing next exactly.

So, yeah. I’ve done some more work on my Crystal model, and hopefully I’ll have something to post from dsp3000 fairly soon.

August 9th Update

As you all know, the key to victory is surprise.


Molly and Marianna, the final version has now been added to the members section.

This adds 213 new images to the game, which allow the player to play as a woman. There are also multiple small bugs fixed, and a full walkthrough has been added to the members help section.

Sadly, I didn’t add nearly as much content as I wanted. There are no new scenes for the male player. It’s basically just what I really needed to do for the female option. I’m ready to move on to the next game, and this one’s already been going on longer than most of my production cycles.

Hope you all enjoy.


Obviously I’ve been talking about Crystal part 3 recently, and that’ll be my next game. But which of the 2 obvious formats should it take.

1- Linear with some branching off, similar to Leanna or Miranda.

2- Very open, like Maddison. You can roam everywhere, but each location is typically fairly short.

3 – 3 to 5 linear but different paths, similar to my first Crystal game (‘on the town’ path, pool party path, and steamboat path).

Disclaimer : This is just to gauge the popularity of each. There’s guarantee I’ll go with the most popular option.

Which format do you prefer?

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August 2nd update

Molly and Marianna

I’m nearly at the end of rendering all the new animations for Molly and Marianna. After that it’s just a case of filling in some narrative gaps, maybe adding an extra small scene and finishing the new writing.

A release date of 2 weeks today is a distinct possibility, but as always, we’ll see.

In the meantime, here’s a Molly promo I forgot to post a while ago.

Crystal Part 3

Progress on Crystal part 3 has mainly been in my head the last couple of weeks as I try and work out a good system for the plot which allows a lot of freedom, but also has a pretty strong narrative at it’s center.

I like some of the new stuff I’ve come up with though.


Long term visitors to the site will know that I’m not really into much ‘fetish’ stuff, but I do have some things I can be into.

Which of these would you be interested in seeing in, say, Crystal Part 3? Pick as many as you like.

Note : Please do not suggest your own fetishes for this poll. This is about finding something I can share your convictions in.

Which of these fetishes appeal to you?

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July 19th Update

Crystal Part 3

I need a second woman for Crystal Part 3. I have this subplot planned where both her and Crystal both entered a swimming competition (maybe the Olympics?), but she had to drop out due to a small injury.

To make her feel better, Crystal suggested she be the coach. The problem is that the other woman is now taking the training way too far and straining their friendship.

So, inspired by a recent blog comment, I thought – why not try and make it Erica?

It makes sense. They’ve both been previously established as working together, and they’re both into their fitness.

So, I’ve tried converting Erica to the G3 base.

She’s not finished yet. Sadly, she’s not converting as easily as Maddison, but I think I can get there.

Whereas I really want to do a slightly newer look for Crystal, I’m fine with just upgrading Erica as she is. Original Crystal was just the V4 base model, but by the time I made Erica I had learned how to use morphs correctly.


I’m just going to continue the poll from last week in order to get a more complete set of stats.

Which locations would you like to see in Crystal Part 3?

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July 12th Update

So, what have we got to update today?

Molly and Marianna

The completed/expanded version is on it’s way. Oddly, it doesn’t actually required that much work from me as most of the scenes are setup already.

What it does take is a lot of rendering time.

Still aiming for an August release date.

Crystal Part 3

Did some further redrafts of my new Crystal model.

I’m getting even happier with her (though I think I need to tone down the leg muscles a bit).


No new news yet, sorry.

As always, when I know something, you’ll know something.


Since Crystal Part 3 will have an emphasis on exploring the city, which locations would you like to see (Though I think I can guess what the most popular will be)?

Pick as many options as you like.

If you have any ideas of you own and I like them, feel free to suggest them below and I’ll add them.

Which locations would you like to see in Crystal Part 3?

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June 28th Update

With all the work earlier in the year regarding Molly and Marianna, it seems that there was a small anniversary I overlooked.

So, without further delay, Happy Birthday Crystal!

Yes, I believe it was March 2009 that I first introduced Crystal, my first girl and my first game to the world. That makes 10 years that I’ve been doing this.

I’ve a choice between 2 options for my next game – Crystal Part 3, or A Betsy sequel. I’d really like it to be Crystal.

I’d also really like it to be a more classical Virtual date game structure. There’s a big house, you can explore the city, choose lots of locations etc. I don’t think I’ve really made a game like that since Maddison.

In order to do that though, I still need to decide on a new look for Crystal. I’m still working on an updated Genesis 3 version, with the current version looking like this:

The most notable recent change is that I’ve used photoshop to merge the old and new textures into one. She still needs work, but I’m slowly getting closer to being happy with it.

This is currently draft 11. I think the final version on Leanna was 24.

In the meantime, happy anniversary Crystal and I can’t wait to work with you again.

June 14th Update

No big announcements today, just a few smaller things to note.

First, for those stuck playing Miranda, there is a walkthrough here on this very blog for it :

Second, based on Nazim10’s recommendations, a newer version of Molly and Marianna has been added to the members section. The bug fixes aren’t anything big and there’s no new content, but if you like to have the latest version of the games, it’s there now.

Finally, something fun. I decided to do a couple of renders of my upgraded Genesis 3 version of Maddison. Don’t know if I’ll ever end up using her in a game, so the occasional random image seems like a good way to go.


EDIT : No update this week. Nothing new to say, but I’ll find something for next week.