May 18th Update

Still no news from dsp3000 as of yet (to the point that I’m starting to get a little worried he’s OK), so I shall simply persevere this week with more info about my next game.

Photographer Part 3

Time for a name description of one of the new characters I’m introducing.

This is Paige.

Currently, she is Mia’s assistant (Mia being the new owner of the company following Mr. Hughes death). I’m thinking about giving her a different role though. I feel like I’m always just appointing assistants to stick another female character in the plot (Kristen was Leanna’s assistant. Carol was Mr. Hughes). I’d like to do something a little more original.

Many of my characters body types are typically fairly similar (or at least fall into a few categories). I’ve been determined for a while to have a short, very thing woman with small breasts for variety, and this is her.

Some of you may be finding something familiar about her. Remember last year when I considered dropping rendering Leanna in IRAY? I made a version of her for Poser? Well, this is the heavily altered same model, so if you can see a little of Leanna in her face, that’s why.


Those of you who follow my twitter will have noticed I’ve added some Maddison images this week. I decided to update both Poser and daz studio. For daz, I actually did a full clean install as there’s been a few issues for a while I though it would solve.

There is a plugin I’ve had for some time which allows you to convert your characters between ‘generation 4’, Which is what Maddison/Lisette/Crystal etc normally are, to Genesis 3, which is what Leanna and co are. Mortze already successfully used it to convert his characters such as Miranda and Chloe to Genesis 3. I’ve had trouble getting it to work previously, but now, thanks to this clean install, it works!

I can now convert most of my characters to Genesis 3 and easily render them in IRAY.

So, of course this opens up lots of choices and options for me. Photographer 3 rendered in Poser needs to happen next. I just don’t have enough spare time to create anything in IRAY over the summer. But what about the next game?

I could have Maddison and Lisette, as Genesis 3 characters rendered in IRAY in a later game. Or I could just use it to convert Crystal for Crystal Part 3 (whenever I do that).

The pitch : Drop Maddison and Lisette from Photographer 3. Give them their own joint game later in the year, or next year.

Pros :

– It makes Photographer part 3 easier for me, and it should be finished a little quicker.

– They’ll look great in IRAY.

– Neither Maddison or Lisette will simply be a side character like they would be in Photographer 3.

Cons :

– You’ll have to wait longer for more Maddison and Lisette.

– It’ll mean waiting longer for Mariana and/or Molly.

– It’ll mean yet another game added to my ‘to do’ pile’, which I’m really not keen on. Poor Molly’s been in the queue for 18th Months now.

Should Maddison and Lisette be in Photographer Part 3, or should they have their own game?

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Disclaimer : I am not legally bound by the results of this poll.

May 11th Update

No news from dsp3000 yet (i’ll give him a poke this week to see what’s happening). So, I might as well summarize what I’ve been doing for Photographer Part 3.

For the returning characters I really didn’t want to just reuse the character models we last saw. Tweaking them, trying to improve them and making them look even hotter is a very good way to motivate me towards this game. I’ve started with the obvious one – Maddison.

The obvious change is the hair, but I’ve also been applying newer morphs to her body, including some subtle breast ones. This isn’t the final version, but I really like what I see so far.

Other work that I’ve done is mainly planning. Prompted by some players saying that they would prefer the game just to be released in one part, I find myself agreeing with them. The last two big games I made, Leanna and April & violet, were both debatably released in two parts. After releasing the first part/version of them, it’s really a struggle for me to get back into the momentum for the final part. So, I think I’ll just aim to release this as one big thing.

Since that means it will all be released in a summer month, I think I’ve decided to have the whole thing take place on the island paradise seen previously in Miranda’s and Zoe’s games. I certainly like the idea of lots of hot established characters wearing bikinis all the time.

May 4th Update

Just a quick update from me today.

After various tests and assessments of what I can do this summer, it looks like there’s a final decision of what my next game will be. As hinted at before my break, I will be working on Photographer Part 3.

As you can see, it will be rendered in Poser as opposed to daz studio and IRAY in order to make production much quicker. I will also (most likely) just be using the white male player character. It will also be a game for the members section, though we will also be releasing a game for free (not a new one).

Also note that all characters seen in the image are not final versions (except Maddison of course).

There’s still a lot of details to figure out, not least of all the setting. Since this’ll be released during the hottest months, I am very tempted to do an idyllic paradise island style setting  (lots of characters in bikinis). I’m also not sure yet how many parts it will be released in.

No news from dsp3000 just yet. I’ll let you know any progress with Bridgette Part 3 as soon as I hear it.


April 19th Update

So, last week I posted up a series of Frazetta inspired fantasy images, and unsurprisingly it has got me thinking a little about how I could do a full fantasy set game.

There’s lots of possibilities.

I have done fantasy games before, but neither were that popular. I think the problem was that I just did the basic date stuff you could find in any other game here. If I did do this, I would have to really think about the gameplay and narrative. Rather than something focused primarily on one woman, I like the idea of there being many conquests at different points of the story.

The first Witcher game is a good example of this. If you’ve only played the 2nd or 3rd ones, you’re probably used to seeing the romance focused on Triss or Yennifer. In the 1st game though, Triss and Shani were around and slightly emphasized as the two main options, but there were many, many others. I think there’s about 12 secondary characters that Geralt can also sleep with. It even seems to be encouraged too. Each sex scene displays a sort of collectible card with your aim being to collect the whole ‘set’. I like the idea of designing a large set of women for a game like this.

One problem with this could be the perspective. I normally do games in first person, but I don’t feel like this would work very well if I’m aiming for an epic fantasy game. What I’m really liking the idea of is having it being (mainly) third person, but have the players face disguised the whole time. That way you still get to have the feeling that it’s you in game, rather than some preset character.

Here’s an example of how it could work.

Neither of these outfits are definitely what I would go with, just a showcase example.

If I was to do this though, I would only feel right making it big and epic. My currently aim is to do a medium sized game for the summer.

So option 1 is maybe to just work on this as a background game while I’m doing that, then release it at the end of the year. Option 2 is maybe to release it in several chapters. I’ll have to think about what’s more practical in the long run.

So, 2 polls today. First to gauge the enthusiasm for a fantasy game, and the second to gauge everyone’s reaction to a masked third person player character.

Finally, here’s a reminder of last weeks images just on case you didn’t see them.

Are you interested in a fantasy game?

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Would you be OK with a masked third person player character

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April 13th Update

Fun week number one!

Over my now many years making erotic art, I have found myself investigating others and their inspirations. If there’s one name that turns up time and again, it’s Frank Frazetta. When it comes to erotic fantasy art, he’s the yardstick that many still hold themselves against.

If you don’t think you know him, you probably still do. From the 60s to the millennium, he was famous for fantasy book cover illustrations, comics and paintings. Basically, have you ever seen a fantasy painting with a curvy, slightly muscular and scantily dressed woman wielding a spear of something similar? That’s Frazetti.

Here’s some examples :

If you want to see more images, this is quite a good link :

So, as a homage to the late, great Frank Frazetta. I thought I’d try creating a few images in something close to his style.


March 30th Update

Just a few briefer words today.

Upcoming games

First of all, dsp3000 has given me an update on progress for Bridgette : Part 3. Things are certainly progressing, but slowly right now due to other commitments in his life. Currently, a May release is looking most likely. As always, don’t take that as Bible, and things are always subject to change here.

Personally, I’m still on my break, but I’ve still had a little time to experiment. Specifically, with Marianna. I wanted to create a body for her which was curvy, but not just ‘less skinny with big tits’. After analyzing some real life models to look at their proportions, and actually getting some measurements from a very nice and friendly cammodel, I’ve ended up with this…


One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument
So, it seems that recently there has been an influx of trolls stirring up hate on this blog. As narrow minded as obtuse as they are, really the problem is that they refuse to acknowledge any reply, and keep repeating the same thing over and over again.
Typically, I just let these things fly. They’re technically just stating an opinion, but the ban hammer is always and option. I’ve only banned 2 people from this blog ever though, so it’s not my natural first reaction.
So, what does everyone think? To ban those who are clearly just trolls or not?

Ban anyone who is clearly just a troll, or do they have a right to post?

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And as addendum, where do you think the discussion for the site should be? Currently, everything is just discussed here, but there’s also a lot of sense in moving it over to the new lagoon forum. It means I wouldn’t have to moderate everything, and also might encourage more people to join any discussions. I would still post blog updates, and include the occasional poll, but at the end of every one, I’d post a link to the forum where people can talk about it.
So, what do you think?

Where should we discuss things?

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That’s all for this week. No guarantee there’ll be an update next week, but I do have a series of ‘fun’ posts planned over the next month.

March 9th Update

New games

Today, I’m very happy to announce that Leanna’s big Streak has been released for all members.

When her car breaks down on the freeway, only a mile away from her apartment, Leanna is dared to make her own way home…naked! Control Leanna as she navigates the various routes and hopefully makes it back home.

This is a fairly small game, with 180 images in total.

Also released today is something I’m calling the vdategames ‘Image Collection : vol 1’.

It’s 50 HD, stylized, IRAY rendered images of many of your favorite characters.

All images are 1920×1080, so will also work well as wallpapers for most of you.

Join the members section now to enjoy both!

What next?

Next, if you haven’t been keeping up with the blog, I’m going to take a decent sized break from making games to collect my thoughts. This may mean I’m not making frequent posts on a Friday, so if there’s not one next week, don’t be too surprised.

In the coming weeks, dsp3000 will also no doubt begin posting previews for his next game, A Date with Bridgette : Part 3.

See you all….sometime!



March 2nd Update

Leanna Epilogue

Today I’m happy to announce that Leanna : The Big Streak will be released for members next week, Friday March 9th.

In case you haven’t been following the blog updates, this is a fairly small game (probably just under 200 images). Stranded just outside of the city, Leanna is dared by the player to streak all of the way back to her apartment.

There’s been an alteration to the game, but I think it’s one that most people won’t mind. Rather than streaking with the player, Leanna does the dare solo, and you control her for most of the game. Not having to stick to conventional, first person camera angles means that I’ve been able to get some much better images rendered that really showcase how she is naked in the open scenery.

And also…

Since this is a smaller game, I’d like the update to be more substantial. So, I’m also going to add a decent sized set of images I’m calling ‘vdategames image collection – Vol 1’. Expect around 50 high resolution images of various different characters from the site, most of which will be nude. It’s like the advent calendar I do every year, but without the Christmas theme.

If it’s well received, I could certainly make this a regular things (maybe every 2 months).

What next?

And after that, I’m going to take a break.

You may have seen me discussing this in the comments section and twitter, and I think it’s the right decision. I haven’t really had a substantial break from making games since June last year.

I know why – after the first version of Leanna was released, I had a brief break, but pretty much went straight into rendering the extra gender and ethnicity options. Since that was frustrating, and I didn’t get everything done I wanted to, I went straight into planning the next game. Since I didn’t give my brain time to breath, I’ve been indecisive, starting multiple games but loosing conviction as I haven’t had time to think them through properly.

With this new update, it seems like a good time to take a break and come back with renewed conviction.

So, what is the next game

After Leanna’s big streak, the next game will be dsp3000’s Bridgette Part 3. Don’t expect it too soon though as it’s set to be much bigger than parts 1 and 2. A release date in April seems most likely (though not guaranteed). Expect blog posts from dsp3000 in the coming weeks.

Right now, my brain likes the idea of trying to combine games. I have a plan to combine Marianna and Molly (in the Nascar setting). It’ll be cool, but big. A release date just before Christmas seems likely.

So, what to do between now and then? I want something substantial, but fairly easy and stress free. Photographer part 3 seems like a good choice. It should be quite a fun/relaxed project if I a) Use Poser to render everything rather than IRAY. b) Just have the white, male PC. c) Release it in a few parts.

The basic story would have you trying to save Mr Hughes’s pseudo Playboy company following his death. It’s been acquired by a new character, Mia, and you team up with Maddison to recruit enough new models to keep the business going.

This would be a members only game, but I would transfer an older game (or games) to free to compensate.

That only leaves Crystal Part 3. Next year will be the 10th Anniversary of Crystal and myself’s first game. It seems very appropriate that it could be released then.

February 23rd Update

Hi Everyone

This week I’ve decided to finally post my evaluation of Leanna : Breaking the Facade. Since Betsy, When I finish a game, I write a little summary of a games strengths and weaknesses, and it helps me improve for the next one.


The positive

I think the biggest success of Leanna is probably the tone. When trying to write something more character driven, the first reaction is normally to go with more of a brooding drama. That’s never felt right for my games though. Overall, I’ve gone for a more quirky tone to my writing. Betsy and April & Violet embraced this, so I was keen to continue. I love the way that the whole game plays more as a romantic comedy, but at the same time still showcases Leanna’s personality and how it evolves.

My favorite moment has to be this :

There’s something about this specific image. It really sells the frustration and pissed tone building in Leanna. Even the way the shoulders are slightly brought forward, but lowered. the whole stance is perfect. Any image with lots of things going on in the background is always going to look good too. The “Great. Now I’m gonna be on porntube.” line really works for me too, mainly because if this happened in real life, she totally would be.

Another thing I really like about this game are the outfits. Leanna has more outfit changes than any other character I’ve had before, and it’s a great, subtle way of emphasizing how into fashion she is.

Two more scenes I also want to praise a bit are the roller disco, and the studio when you first meet her. For the disco, I really wanted to establish her as being a little sad and pathetic, but I also didn’t want to lay it on too thick. I think I got the balance just right, and you really feel sorry for her by the time you part company. For the studio, I really like the moment when you’re taking her photo and she slowly starts to cry. It was one of those moments I had in my head before I even started production, and I love how close to what I’d imagined it came.

Final positive bit are 2 more favorite images.

I don’t know what it is about this one. Maybe it’s partly the lighting, maybe it’s the pose, maybe it’s both plus some other factors, but Leanna looks crazy hot to me here.

This one has to be my favorite nude shot. The pose, the heels, the way it really shows off her body. I love it.

The negative

I think my negative focus is mainly on the content I ended up cutting. As with Betsy, there’s supposed to be 2 times you get to choose ‘date location’, with 3 options each time. With Betsy, these locations could be long an quite in-depth, but in Leanna, they could be very brief. The second choice in particular, Golf, Jogging or Tennis, are very superficial and don’t really make much of a difference to the plot. I would have liked to have more consequences to theses choices. As it is, the game feels a little more linear than I’d like.

I’m also not convinced that I placed enough emphasis on the thief early on. There was a whole sequence planned where the player and Leanna would thwart a robbery. This would have given the thief a more prominent role earlier in the plot, but it would have been complicated and there was no good place to put it.

While the Kristen threesome scene was hot, I also feel that she gets naked a little too quickly. Maybe there should have been a scene earlier in the game where you see her topless or naked first. As it is, the scene feels like I’m in a hurry to go through the checklist and cut to the sex.

Leanna : The Big Streak

So, as stated last week, I’m now working on a small game featuring Leanna for the members section.

Here is the first image from it. Expect more in the coming week.


February 15th Update

Success! I finally know where the site is going for the next 6 months (or however long it ends up being).

Thank you to everyone who voted and commented last week. A combination of that and various other personal factors means we have some results I’m happy with.

Leanna : The big Streak

So, I’ll cut to the chase. The first game I’m going to work on is the Leanna streak game. It’s simple, it’s easy(ish) and it’s not too big. It’s based on characters I already have and many scenes I’ve already set up. I’m aiming to make it a members only game as I am feeling compelled to do something for the members section right now.

Production for the game should only be 4 to 6 weeks. In theory, I could do it quicker, but I’ll also be working one a much bigger game alongside it.

Marianna : Speed Demons

Yes, after much deliberation, I’ve decided that this is the most practical way to go. Marianna’s game was the second most popular one pitched last week, so I’m pretty sure this’ll keep everyone happy.

As you can see, I’ve decided to switch her back to the Nascar setting I originally planned. I have lots more ideas for her in this setting compared to Molly, so I’m very confident about it at this point.

I switched to Molly at a while ago thinking that her looked made more sense in this setting, but after some research, I’ve found that Mariannas look is more than appropriate. Feel free to google Danica Patrick or Maryeve Dufault to discover that drivers can still certainly look glamorous.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll be posting many more updates and images for this game.

It will be free, but released to members earlier (probably a month).

Other games

Quite a few interesting results last week, so I’m certainly glad I did the polls like I did.

The final results were (in descending order) :

  • A New Maddison game – 8.8
  • Marianna – 8
  • Crystal Part 3 with new Crystal – 8
  • Molly – 7.7
  • Leanna’s streak game – 7.6
  • Crystal Part 3 with the old Crystal – 6.2

As you can see, there was barely any difference between the middle four games, which was a pleasant surprise for Molly in particular. Whenever there’s been a ‘verses’ poll, she’s always lost, but here it seems that people don’t dislike her, they just always like someone else slightly more. I’m not sure if she’s going to be the secondary woman in Marianna or if she’ll get her own game, but I’m certain to use her somewhere.

Obviously, Maddison came top and I’m sure the posted picture did a lot to sway that. I like the idea of doing a photographer part 3 game featuring her, but I don’t really have enough women for the various photoshoots yet. I like the idea of maybe returning to it after Marianna and Molly have been seen naked elsewhere. The photographer games are always meant to showcase the previous set of characters in one game, so having Leanna, Marianna, Molly, new Crystal and others (Debbie?) all being models in it makes sense.

For Crystal Part 3, I do like the idea of a new Crystal, but I think I’d still like to work on the new version a little more. Hopefully, to integrate more of her old look with the new one.

2018 is looking very fun for me now!