August 17th Update

Lots of progress also made this week, so I’m very happy right now.

  • Miranda and zoe threesome complete
  • Cherise solo sex scene done
  • For half of the images for the Lisette and Maddison threesome done

Including animations, we’re now up to 2383 images.

Over the next week, I should be able to get the Maddison and Lisette threesome finished, then there’s only the Paige and Mia solo sex scenes to do. There’s other smaller scenes to add of course, but they should be smaller and easier to do.

Best of all, I can start drinking again this evening! So, that’s pretty neat.

August 10th Update

Lots and lots of images rendered this week. I chose to focus mainly on the sex scenes and it’s paid off.

The Emma and Kimiko sex sequences are all done. I’m also hoping to have the Zoe and Miranda threesome finished by the end of the day (or maybe with a little work tomorrow morning).

August 3rd Update

I’m still progressing through the middle day of the three in game. It looks like this will be the largest part and the bulk of the game.

I’m still aiming for an August release, though of course game production isn’t 100% predictable.

This week, I think I might just skip ahead to some of the sex scenes and get them done.


July 28th Update

Not a long, intensive post this week as I just had one on Monday. Progress with Photographer Part 3 is…progressing.

One final note though. As those of you who follow me on twitter will have seen, I’ve had to update Maddison’s hair.

The other new one wasn’t being cooperative. Depending on her exact pose it was sometimes impossible to control her hair in a way that looked good. So, this is what’s she’s going to look like for a majority of the game now.

July 23rd Update

Update a little later this week as I was busy on Friday with a Doctor, which drained a lot of my energy (metaphorically speaking). Everything’s fine, but I do have to give up alcohol for a full month for some blood tests. Ugh. Anyone have any tips on anything else fun to drink?

Anyway, just a small update this week after the large one last time.

Production is progressing, and here’s two more previews.

No update from dsp300 yet (I saw some of you were asking).

July 13th Update

This week, I’ve been steadily progressing through the main body of the Photographer Part 3. Since you all don’t really know what that means, as you don’t have the plan written out in front of you in childish scrawl like I do, I feel it’s time to go over the fundamentals of this game.

There will be 9 characters altogether. the returning ones will be :

  • Maddison
  • Lisette
  • Miranda
  • Zoe
  • Emma

The new characters will be :

The layout of the game has gone through a few drafts, but I’ve now got something I’m fully happy with.

Mia is the new director of Mr Hughes’s company. Unlike the her predecessor, she wants to take the empire in a new direction. For instance, it’s flagship magazine will no longer be featuring nude women.

Maddison and you (the player character), try to persuade her not to as you know it will doom the company. She gives you one last shot. There is a party in 3 days at her mansion on an island paradise. Organise the party yourselves, and persuade the shareholders to share your vision.

Maddison takes charge of the party fundamentals, such as catering, and your job is to find as many attractive ladies as you can around the island to attend the party, after staying at the mansion for 2 nights first. The more flirty they can be at the party the better, so you have 72 hours to bring out their inner seductresses along the way.

Not counting the prologue of the funeral, there will be 3 days.

The first day you will be exploring the island and finding ladies to recruit. The second will almost exclusively be at the mansion as you hang with everyone there and try to gain their approval (and perhaps something more intimate). The third day will center around the build up to the party, though prepare for sexual shenanigans along the way.

The second say is the ‘main body’ I am currently progressing though.

Finally, some random extra remarks :

  • The will be save checkpoints in this game, one at the start of each day.
  • Unlike other photographer games, this one won’t be over as soon as the sex is. You’ll be able to have sex with multiple characters in one playthough.
  • Threesomes will be present, include one with Maddison and Lisette.


EDIT : update coming Monday this week

July 6th Update

Photographer Part 3

I’ve made a satisfying amount of progress on Photographer Part 3 this week. My main job has been to build the mansion which most of the game will be taking part in.

After you ‘recruit’ each female character to your team, they’ll be lounging around the mansion and occupying themselves. Visiting them in a certain location at a certain time of day will can yield some very interesting results. Image rendering-wise, it means that right now I’m just trying to cover every image I might need ; Lisette in the kitchen, Lisette by the pool, Liseete by the pool with Maddison etc.

I’ll be going over the details of this next week when I explain the logistics of the game more thoroughly.

June 29th update

Back today with a post that isn’t quite as big as I’d hoped, but I really need to post something today, so here’s what I’ve got.

Nearly all of the initial setting up is now done. This doesn’t mean that I haven’t started making the game yet of course, I’ve got plenty of images rendered and html files done. It’s just that this game needs a lot of character sets and locations setup to make the rest of the game’s production run smoothly.

For example, there’s nine main women to interact with in this game. Each of them has at least three outfits (including nude), so that’s 27 character sets to make. In this case, 9 normal casual outfits, 9 swimsuits, and 9 nudes. The only one now left if Kimiko’s casual outfit.

There’s no obvious way to list what I’ve accomplished since the last blog update, so I’m just going to randomly list everything I can.

  • 26 out of 27 character sets done.
  • all mansion locations done (the mansion will be your main base for the game)
  • I’ve given Lisette a new bikini. Someone pointed out that the one you saw in the title card preview was the same one she wore in her game. I though this would be a nice callback, but then I realized that what people want to see is her in a different, new outfit. I can see her in a new outfit anytime I want. You all can’t.
  • Kimiko also has a new swimsuit. You can see both here.

  • Funeral/intro renders all done.
  • New, detailed genitals added to all characters.
  • Lighting set up for all levels.

Basically, I’m now at the point where I can now just plow ahead with production.

This next week I’ll be able to get a moderate amount of work done, but nothing too dramatic. The week after that however, I should be able to get a crazy amount of stuff done.

June 15th Update

Photographer Part 3

Just a small update today to let you know that progress is being made with Photographer Part 3.

Here are the first two opening images.


June 22nd update

Just an update to the post to say that there won’t be a blog post this week. I’m putting together the bulk of the game right now, so there’s not as much to show until it’s done. I’ll make a bumper post next week though.

June 8th Update

Photographer part 3

Just a small post today to let you all know that things are progressing.

These are the final two ladies to formally introduce you all to. The blonde is named Cherise and the Asian lady is called Kimiko.

Long term followers of the site may remember Cherise from when I planned on doing Crystal part 3. Since that game is most likely going to be done in daz studio with g3 base figures, it seems appropriate to use her for this game.


Since we’re now all aware of dsp3000’s situation, it seems reasonable to just let him continue at whatever pace he can do. If he sends me something to post, I shall do so, but until then I would assume you’ll just be hearing from me on Fridays.