November 30th Update

Photographer Part 3

So, good news and bad news for the Photographer Part 3 expansion.

I’ve decided that what I, and I suspect most of you, really want right now is for me to just get on with Molly and Marianna. So, I’ve decided that’s what’s gonna happen.

I am going to release the Photographer 3 expansion, next Friday, December 7th. It will not be as big as originally planned. I’m not really expecting anyone to sign-up based on it, but if you already have a membership, it should still be fun.

The full list of new content will be :

  • Lisette solo sex scene
  • Maddison solo sex scene
  • Photoshoot with Miranda
  • Photoshoot with Kimiko
  • One extra small scene with Zoe around the mansion, as she didn’t have as many compared tot the other characters.

Part of the point of making this expansion was to pace out the releases on the site better, but since we now know MrStomper is returning soon, that eases a lot of the pressure off me.

This seems like the right path to take, and means I’ll be starting production of Molly and Marianna before Christmas, which of course means a sooner release date.

Advent calendar

Due to the these other activities, I think I’m also going to skip the annual advent calendar this year, at least in it’s regular format. I will be doing a Christmas gallery after the expansion¬† is released however, and it might end up being around 25 images. So, pretty much the advent calendar, just not in the usual daily format.

I don’t have any images prepared for tomorrow, and I’d rather add the finishing touches to Photographer 3 instead next week.

Hope this meets with everyone’s approval and you all enjoy the site content over the next month.


9 thoughts to “November 30th Update”

  1. Honnestly, I think that you made the right call with the expansion. Having a Maddison scene will satisfy her huge fansabe, and that’s a win. And if it also means a sooner release date, for both the expansion and Molly/Marianna, that’s another win.

    When I first read the news about the calendar, I was a bit afraid that we won’t have it this year, but after continuing with the reading, I was relieved. I don’t care that I won’t get a daily image, as long as I have 25 in the end. Plus, it’s nice to have a christmas theme for the girls (and hey, DSP3000 did some images for a calendar, maybe MrStomper will too?). I just hope that the pack will be free, just like your usual calendar.

      1. Then it’s all good! Just focus on Molly and Marianna, we’ve been waiting too long for them, no pressure :p

  2. Is there any chance that the cherise and kimiko expansion could be released somewhere down the line? I was really hoping for ir since they are in my opinion the hottest women with the best sex scenes in the game.

    1. Hopefully we get it eventually. But it’s no big deal if it doesn’t happen. There’s still future games where it might occur.

  3. I heard “get on with Molly” and you’ve sold me.

    I can deal with not having the Advent Calendar in the normal daily format. It’ll be a twist on a holiday tradition!

  4. just a wild idea for a someday sex scene; similar in concept to when you choose your player’s sex and ethnicity. This could be a single sex scene game where you can pick the identity of both participants. Your choice would be from among the various women you have made for the various games (would that be about a dozen or so?) For example you decide to pick Lisette and Carol. Then you get a sex scene with Lisette and Carol. Once the basic scene and backgrounds are scripted out and one combo is made; I think the animation software can pretty easily duplicate the scene over with other characters. If I’m remembering my math on calculating the number of different permutations in a progression; 12 different women pairing up in groups of two would be 65 different combinations. So you fully script the scene once, then you just run the animation program 65 times. Much easier (I think) than making 65 totally different sex scenes (which some of your most complex games probably have); and this way one game will give everyone the Lesbian combo they’ve been waiting for. You could even make this easier by taking an already existing scene from one already made game and duplicate that with the various possibilities. Just pick some that you still have the animation program data saved for and put it out to a vote as to which scene to do this with.

  5. Any chance of having more upskirt shots of the women? Around the mansion, office, outdoors etc.?
    Say when they are walking up the stairs, leaning over a railing in a loose dress and you can see their panties as they talk to you from above, open crossing legs while sitting, under desks, a sharp wind blowing up skirts and dresses, reflective floors and short skirts like with Bridgette in ‘The Academy’ Part 1,

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