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Chrome users


When I download and play the game, none of my actions make a difference. Things like the influence meter on the left never change.


Solution : By default, Chrome does not permit local cookies (somwething that these games run on). To enable them, follow these steps :


Step 1


Find your main Chrome icon, right click it, and click properties.


If you can't find your main icon, it is most likely on your desktop.


If you can't see it there, click start, then find it amongst your programs.


Step 2


In the properties box which should now be open, find 'Target :'. There should be a box to the right of it you can type in.


Add this to the end of what's written there : --enable-file-cookies.


The entire line written in the box should look something like this : "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" --enable-file-cookies


Step 3


Click apply, then OK.


Step 4


Close and open Chrome. All downloaded game from this site should now work with it.