November 26th Update

From dsp3000 on The Academy : Part 3.

Firstly, apologies for the delay on the blog update. This is purely down to me trying to fit too many things into my life. But better late than never.

I can report that ‘The Academy: Part Three’ is nearly, but not quite finished. However, I am on target for releasing the game next Friday 2nd December. This is the first time I have stated an actual release date so, barring catastrophe, I intend to to stick to it.

I currently have one final scene to complete plus a few loose ends to tidy up. The game is looking good and it will easily be the largest I have ever made. While size isn’t everything, I do hope that it will be considered my best work yet. I’ve paid close attention to critique on this and other forums in an attempt to improve on the way the story is told and the way the game can be played.

Even with a production schedule I have allowed myself the option to expand scenes where I thought it necessary to enrich the narrative and improve the gameplay. This of course means that once again my creative ambitions have exceeded my initial brief. In an attempt to temper my lack of restraint I even dropped one scene from my original plan for part three, and moved it to part four instead. It’ll fit better there anyway.

The game is still massive though; but hopefully in a good way.

Today the image count reached 1607 and, with the aforementioned work still to complete, I anticipate that part three will have close to 1700 images once finally finished. Some of these are included with this blog post.

I hope that nobody is too disappointed not to have a new game to play today, but I’m pretty sure it will be worth the wait.


academy3_sample23 academy3_sample24 academy3_sample25 academy3_sample26 academy3_sample27 academy3_sample28 academy3_sample29 academy3_sample30